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The Union recognizes the complete independence of its affiliated members but the prime objects of the Union, which declares as its foundation the observance of the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status, as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Rules Limited, shall:

(a) Act as a federation of Golf Clubs in the Republic of Zambia.

(b) Encourage the national development of golf in Zambia and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and interaction existing between and among its members.

(c) Formulate, control and regulate the conditions governing Amateur competitions, Open championships and similar events.

(d) Ratify and publish the calendar dates of major Amateur championships and the Sunshine Tour “Zambia Open”.

(e) Subscribe, grant subsidies, or invest the funds of the Union for any purpose designed to promote and further the interest of the game of golf.

(f) Consolidate the views on handicapping and rating of golf courses within the realm of the Union.

(g) Provide a forum and means where disputes between and among members concerning the game of golf may be settled.

(h) Appoint paid officials and where necessary, to fix their remuneration.

(i) Encourage and strengthen the link between the amateur and Professional golfing body in Zambia.

(j) Create and maintain international relationships in the field of golf and undertake any action useful to the cause of golf between members of the union and the international golfing community.

(k) Carry out any other assignment and commission as the members of the Union may from time to time deem fit.

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